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Nowadays the only adjective you may accept next to your resume is ‘excellent’. In a world where your CV is checked mostly by software you may not allow a thing to be missing, or being extra. Even if you are lucky and a real live recruiter will have a look at your CV it will still be a maximum 30 sec dedication. Basically, it is called scanning and no one is going to read those deep job descriptions you are copying and pasting from LinkedIn. So, whether you are going to be invited on an interview or not is decided during that half a minute of glimpse. Now, we hope, it is obvious why you should get the best resume writing service to pass through the toughest stage of recruitment.

Professional resume writing at Extra Essay

So, let’s have a fresh look on what a resume is. After all, it’s just a paper, which as any other assignment has to be written professionally. This means:

  • Grammarly correct. Therefore, no errors, misspellings, inappropriate words.
  • Have a flow and structure. You should know how to start and finish it. What to include in each section.
  • Be to the point. As mentioned above, it takes only half a minute for a recruiter to decide whether to call you or not. Don’t waste your chance by overloading your paper with extra details. A top resume writing service know how to highlight your best expertise and background without making it too long and exhausting to read.
  • Be up to date. Thanks to resume writing help your job application will have a modern look. What do we mean? There are many trends in business world as well. Just as everywhere! So colour, size, font type – all these matters to make a correct impression.

As you see, things are trivial just as with any other academic writing. All these points were highlighted here to make you understand that only a high class academic writing service can fit well. And, actually, help writing a resume. We are experts in all kind of educational and business related papers. Our writers are used to adjust their tone and skills according to the assignment. And just like with essays or term papers, we know all the requirement a resume has for you to be successfully interviewed by the hiring manager!

How often do I have to write my resume?

Actually, employers, professional resume writing services and recruiters strongly recommend one thing. You should write a separate resume for each job you apply. Why? Basically, the higher you go in professional life, the more diverse requirements will employers have. You have to tailor your resume to their job description and requirements. Otherwise when their software or recruiter will scan the CV for keywords, they just won’t find them. And that’s it. You are out of the competition.

What are the keywords?

  • Go through the job description of the position you would like to apply for.
  • Just scan it with your eyes and understand which are the main words the recruiter repeats along the job post.
  • List them on a separate sheet.
  • Now add them to your own CV within the descriptions of your previous positions.

This way you will ensure that you get some matches from the CV scanning software. The top professional resume writing service will help you to have as many papers written according to each job you are going to apply to. The best thing here is that:

  • You can still be working, without dedicating all your days to rewriting your resume. We understand that most of the people look for jobs while still being busily employed.
  • It won’t take an eternity to get a CV done. You might be worried that doing a separate CV for each job post can waste your time. So, the job actually may expire. But, in fact, decent online resume writing services can provide you with a ready to submit CV within a few hours. This way you will get a unique resume tailored to the job description and done within a short timeframe.

Reliable and cheap resume writing services

So, after you learned that each job you apply to must have a unique resume tailored to it, you might get worried about the financial part. Luckily, you shouldn’t! Another benefit of working with an academic paper writing service is that we mainly focus on students. Therefore, our prices are not biting even student budget! Extra Essay is a team of friendly and knowledgeable writers. Our big goal is to help you and our clients achieve success thanks to our paper. We don’t overprice our services as a solely resume writing service does. Just because we have many other sources of revenue, besides CVs.

At the same time, we have a separate team which works on CV requests. Each of the members has experience in recruitment and know what to add or avoid to your professional career story. We even do executive resume writing service. So, help succeed in recruitment the most sophisticated C-level clients. For us your resume is just another custom writing request. We really mean it will be custom made! There is no plagiarized paper our clients received from us. And there is no writer who would risk his or her job to play with plagiarism.

What do we guarantee?

There is always a doubt in your mind when you place an order for a paper online for the first time. We understand it and want to be precise and clear in setting your expectations.

  • Most importantly, your paper will be written from scratch. It will be perfectly tailored to the job you would like to apply to and to your real professional background.
  • We always deliver papers on time, because we know you might lose a chance to get a job because we are late. Late delivery doesn’t happen here!
  • All our collaboration stays between us. We don’t share your paper or details with any third parties. Because for us your privacy matters a lot and would cost our reputation.

Give yourself a chance to land your dream job thanks to our professional resume writing service!