ExtraEssay fair use policy

1. Copyright & personal use

  1. The Products delivered to you are deemed completely original. The full copyright to the products as well as other materials delivered to you is retained by the Company and/or its partners and affiliates. Literally, the company does not transfer copyright to the Products to you.
  2. The use of the Products and materials delivered to you from the Website is strictly for personal, noncommercial purposes only. You shall not in any way or manner distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from the Products or exploit the Products and/or contents of this Website without any prior written consent of the Company.
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2. No plagiarism

  1. You acknowledge that the Company reserves the right to terminate or cancel any agreement, contract or arrangement with any person who condones or attempts to pass the plagiarized Product as original when asking for editing or proofreading. You also agree that any Product delivered by the Company may not be passed to third parties or distributed in any way or manner for payment or for any other purpose. You also acknowledge that if the Company suspects that the delivered Product has been distributed or has been used by You in any form of plagiarism, the Company reserves the right to refuse to carry out any further work and services for you and subject you to criminal or civil penalties.
  2. You are prohibited from putting your name on the delivered Product. All Products and/or other forms of written materials delivered to you are strictly for research or reference purposes only. The Company does not condone, encourage or knowingly partake in plagiarism or any form of academic fraud or dishonesty. The Company strongly abides and adheres to all copyright laws. You agree that any Product and/or other written material delivered to you is provided only as a model, example document for research use, and any text and/or ideas from the Company’s document that you borrow, reference, refer to, or otherwise use in any way in your own original paper must be properly cited and attributed to this Website.
  3. The Product will serve the purpose of helping you to form ideas regarding a strong starting point only. In no event you may pass off the Product as your own work or study. Even if you try making minor alterations in the Product, it will still be considered plagiarized.
  4. The Company, its affiliates and/or its partners shall not be held liable for any unethical, inappropriate, illegal, or otherwise wrongful use of the Products and/or other written material received from Our Website. This includes plagiarism, lawsuits, poor grading, expulsion, academic probation, loss of scholarships/awards/grants/prizes/titles/ positions, failure, suspension, or any other disciplinary or legal actions. The buyer of material from the Website is solely responsible for any and all disciplinary actions arising from the improper, unethical, and/or illegal use of the material.
  5. The Company as with benchmark within this service industry and the academic society deems the acceptable plagiarism level to be below 10 %. If in any case, a product delivered to you has a plagiarism level above 10 %, you have the right to ask for revision or refund:
    • in case of a request for revision or refund, a plagiarism level shall be proved by a special report of the Turnitin service available at https://www.turnitin.com;
    • for additional information considering these issues, you are free to view Our Money-Back warranty and Revision policies;
    • please mind that bibliographical references (in-text referencing and bibliography page at the end of the papers) and clichéd phrases (idioms, standard phrases, connectors and other frequently used phrases) shall not be regarded as plagiarism and shall not be included in the plagiarism level calculation.