Code of Conduct

Last updated on March 11, 2024

Welcome to, referred to henceforth as "Site," "Platform," "Service," or "Website." The Code of Conduct outlined here is designed to ensure the appropriate utilization of this Platform and to mitigate the risk of potential misuse.

Specific regulations may apply to the use of this Website in certain regions, including the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Australia, Austria, and selected US states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon, California, New Jersey, Maine, Colorado, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York).

We retain the right to deny service to Clients from the above regions and share this Code of Conduct to prevent misunderstanding.

By submitting requests to our Website, you (referred to henceforth as "User," "Customer," "Client," or "yours", "your") agree to comply with this Code.

Should any inconsistencies arise between this Code and other documents accessible on the Site, the terms delineated herein shall prevail.

Policy of Fair Use

The samples (referred to henceforth as “Materials” or “Model Work”) delivered by our team are exclusively intended for personal use. They are crafted to function as a guide, reference, or source of inspiration. It is strongly recommended that you refrain from presenting them as your original work, asserting authorship, or claiming copyright ownership over them.

By availing of our services, you agree to utilize the provided Model Work as intended and to refrain from sharing it with third parties, reselling, or using it for commercial purposes without giving appropriate credit.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity embodies a steadfast commitment to ethical standards in educational endeavors, emphasizing honesty and fairness—principles deeply embedded in our Service’s values.

This Code explicitly forbids all forms of dishonest conduct, including but not limited to:

  • Plagiarizing and infringing upon copyright regulations.
  • Participating in contract cheating and scams.
  • Impersonation, falsification, and similar actions.

Please refrain from participating in the aforementioned activities while utilizing our Platform. We strongly condemn such unethical behaviors and will never endorse or engage in them under any circumstances. Our Website is designed to assist customers in their academic pursuits, with a paramount emphasis on upholding academic integrity.

Customer Responsibilities

By submitting requests on our Website, you confirm your commitment to using it exclusively for personal and lawful purposes. Additionally, you pledge not to employ the Website with malicious intent, participate in any unlawful activities, including the infringement of state, federal, local, or other applicable regulations or laws, store any form of data through the Platform, engage in activities aimed at deceiving or misleading others while using the Website, or violate honor codes or other policies established by your educational institution.

Legal Obligations

As a Client of this Platform, you agree to comply with all applicable regulations, policies, and laws in addition to this Code of Conduct. The team retains the right to refuse service to any User found violating this Code.

If you choose to use our Site in violation of this Code, you acknowledge that you may face severe consequences as outlined by the laws of your state and the regulations of your educational institution. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold the Site, its affiliated entities, businesses, and contractors harmless from all liability arising from your failure to adhere to the Code outlined herein.

Ethical Guidelines is committed to abstaining from any involvement in fraud or illegal activities.

Experts under no circumstance shall provide services to high school, college, university, and students from other institutions if there is suspicion that the services will be misused (e.g., User’s intention to pass off the Model Work as their own creation). If evidence indicates that an expert knowingly facilitated any illegal conduct, their Platform account shall be terminated without prior notice.

Customers are prohibited from violating any regulations or policies of their academic institutions or participating in any unlawful activities while using this Site. They also shall not present Model Work provided by assigned experts as their own original work.

Businesses are not permitted to encourage assigned experts to engage in illegal, deceptive actions or employ for unlawful purposes.

Educators (instructors, coaches, mentors, supervisors, etc.) shall not restrict students’ access to the Materials, resources, and tools available on the Website, recognizing their importance as integral components of the learning process. We value your commitment to upholding academic integrity within your institutions and support your efforts to foster transparency and honesty in educational environments. Consequently, we urge you to promptly report any instances of violations of this Code.

Forbidden Requests

This Code of Conduct unequivocally forbids the following requests:

  • Assuming the identity of another individual for any purpose.
  • Completing assignments on behalf of a Client.
  • Falsifying information of any nature, including citations.
  • Soliciting answers for tests, examinations, quizzes, etc.
  • Counterfeiting official documents, financial reports, or any other files.

Please note that the above list of forbidden requests is not exhaustive and is intended solely for guidance. Failure to comply with the policies outlined in this Code shall result in immediate removal of your account from the Website, with no possibility of its reinstatement.


Kindly be informed that this Code may undergo modifications without advance notice. As a Customer, it is incumbent upon you to routinely check this Code of Conduct and other Website policies, ensuring that you stay abreast of any revisions or alterations.

Your utilization of the Website signifies your acknowledgment that you have read, comprehended, and consented to the terms delineated in this Code.


Although the objective of this Site is to deliver high-quality services, it’s important to note that our team cannot guarantee the probable outcomes or accuracy of the Model Work provided. It is exclusively intended for informational purposes, and its usage is entirely at the Customer’s own risk.

Contact information

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this Code or other Website policies, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

You can contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling our toll-free number at +1-929-201-0120.